Partisan march 2019

Dear supporters of military history and tourism,


we invite you to march in the footsteps of partisans and resistance fighters in area Krucenburk a Vojnuv Městec, organized by the Czechoslovak Legionnaires community, unity plk.J.Švece - Horácko.


The march was prepared to commemorate paratroopers, guerrillas and other resistance workers, and last but not least, of course, and for the memory of ordinary people who helped and risked their lives and their loved ones.

The marchers will go on the trail section and visit other comments and anti-Nazi resistance movement.

The start and finish of the march is located in the camp Moře (Sea) at the pond Řeka (River).


MARCH - The route of the march is based on the movement of resistance groups in the vicinity of Krucenburk and Vojnův Městec, follows mostly tourist signs and runs several kilometers along the paved utility road. On the route are comments on guerrilla activity, historical places and at the same time unique nature.


WHO IS INTENDED FOR MARCH - the march is open to all who are interested in military and war history. Primarily we count on the participation of the uniformed forces - ACR, police, firefighters, KVH, Military clubs and more. It is possible entire families can attend, there are plenty of recreational opportunities for when dad needs to go on the march on Saturday.


START AND FINISH MARCH - The start and finish of the march is in the camp Moře (Sea) at the pond Řeka (River), Krucemburk. (GPS: 49.6775353N, 15.8439600E).

You will be issued refreshments and accommodation. Travel options, if you do not drive a car, can be found at



06:00-8:00 - Registration to march, serving breakfast,

08:00 - The advent of the start of the march,

08:15 - Commemorative events for veterans and not marching at the memorial to the victims of World War II

08:30 - Start of the march,

13:00-20:00 - Arrival of participants in the march, awards, snacks and departure for home.


ROUTES: This year we have prepared three different suggested routes.

Planned routes are only recommended for each of them will be checkpoints, which participants must pass. The route between points each chooses himself at its discretion. Suggested routes are designed by us variant that runs through all the checkpoints.

LONG TOUR: Total length in compliance with the planned route is 35 km away. Indicated length when measuring on is 32 km away. See. photo gallery.

SHORT ROUTE: Total length in compliance with the planned route is 25 km away. Indicated length when measuring on is 23 km. See. photo gallery.

Veteran ROUTE: The route from the starting point at the camp Moře (Sea) at the pond Řeka to Krucenburk to the memorial to the guerrilla and resistance fellow workers and back. Total length about 7 km.


BADGES - Theme commemorative badge march is quite different than in previous years, will be based on the symbols of anti-Nazi resistance. The actual badge will be minted in 3D technology and will be woven ribbon. Production is ensured by a reputable company with a long tradition. Each badge will have its unique number, as well as the decree to the badge. The badge will be for all participants march with one ribbon without a thumbnail on a skewer.

For each Memorial badge will be the opportunity to buy two sets of ribbons (1x and 1x on a skewer in the organization to push onto rail carriers ribbons). The cost of the two ribbons will be CZK 100 for each subscriber count beforehand with 1 set, so if you will do this one, there is nothing to be ordered in advance.


REFRESHMENTS - Before the start of the march, each participant will receive a breakfast soup with bread, in the course of the track there will be on sites bottled still water, fruit, sweets and energy drinks. After conquering the entire track there will be another snack.


SIGN UP FOR MARCH - To register, use the form at the bottom of the page, the date of registration is July 31, 2019, but we ask you to perform registration by June 30, 2019.


REGISTRATION FEE - the fee amounts to CZK 650 / € 25 (after registration you will come to the email payment details). Participants from abroad will need IBAN and SWIFT/BIC number for International Settlements.


RULES FOR PARTICIPATION - Children under 18 years accompanied by an older person. To obtain the badge, participants under 45 years must complete the whole track. Over 45 it is sufficient to complete part of the track and take part in the ceremony. For detailed instructions see Rules section. Unregistered persons can also participate as march escorts, but without the right to awards and refreshments.


ACCOMMODATION - The accommodation can be used directly capacity Camp Řeka -, there are also a large number of inns and other accommodations. 


CHANGES - There is now more substantial food (breakfast, energy drink, fruit, water, confectionery, snack at the finish) and better facilities. Use the registration form on our website to significantly simplify and speed up the registration upon arrival. Each participant will receive a badge, a decree etui with a unique number on their name right after coming to the finish.


PARKING - In the surrounding area there are plenty of parking spaces.


CLOTHING - vz.95 clothing, field uniform, tourist clothes, in its sole discretion.


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